Saturday, October 6, 2007

acdc - thunderstruck war (isl) jhnrdn edt 125

ian saint laurent did a a badass remix of thunderstruck a few years back. i looped part of it and threw in alfador's remix of "war" by kano. perfect for starting off a set.

acdc - thunderstuck war (isl) jhnrdn edt 125.mp3

prodigy - girls (geht noch remix) jhnrdn edt 130

geht noch did a great remix the prodigy song called "girls". however, it's too choppy to keep the dancefloor moving. i've played it a bunch of times and didn't get the response that i felt it deserved. i combined more parts from the original and made it flow a little better.
prodigy - girls noch edit jredt 130.mp3
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Friday, October 5, 2007

daft punk - harder better faster electric jhnrdn edt 130

this edit is based on an edit that ocelot did for harder better faster. it's lifelike's "so electric" with harder better faster over top of it. i heard the track on ocelot's set at check yo ponytail in la, and since it's not released, i recreated the whole damn thing. my version is shorter and uses some different parts from harder better faster. so again, props to ocelot for the idea. hopefully they aren't bummed i made this, but hey.. music for the people! total banger.
daft punk - harder better faster electric jhnrdn edt 130.mp3
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lcd soundsystem - get inocuous! (soulwax remix) jhnrdn edt 128

soulwax can do no wrong. i shortened the track and brought the initial bass in with the beginning of the vocals. it makes more of an impact. i also made the track 128 bpms instead of 118.

lcd soundsystem - get innocuous (soulwax) jhnrdn edt 128.mp3
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datarock - i used to dance with my daddy (metal on metal) jhnrdn edt

metal on metal did an amazing remix of this song. i removed the verses, cut out parts of the song, and beefed up the buildups.

datarock - i used to dance with my daddy (metal on metal) jhnrdn edt 126.mp3
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Thursday, October 4, 2007


DatA's remix of "minuit jacuzzi" by TEPR has been a pretty big track this spring/summer. i love the song, but it kicks in too quickly and is pretty redundant throughout. i made the intro 8 bars instead of 4, made some slight variations in the song, and added to the buildup. also, this is off of a 320kbps version, not the crappy myspace rip that everyone was using.

TEPR - MINUIT JACUZZI (data) jhnrdn edt 122.mp3
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here's a couple older party banger edits that i want to put out there. i usually mix the different parts together live, but for convenience sake, i put them together for ya.

the first track is a combination of robot club rock, an edit of robot rock that ian saint laurent and myself did, and zdarlight by digitalism. pretty much anyone we've given this to has played it out and gotten a HUGE response. there's some youtube video of steve aoki playing this in mexico, and it looked like a riot was going to break out.
isl jhn rdn - element of rock addiction 130.mp3

i don't play much rap in my sets, but this is another old edit that would make people lose their shit. great for the end of the night.

dj cool - let me clear da funk (jhnrdn).mp3